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In the words of my friend Sherman, “You want a good bike? Just get a Santa Cruz. They pop those things out like a vending machine.” That may be an oversimplified way of looking at things, but it does carry some truth. It’s taken decades for Santa Cruz to get to this point, but now they’ve reached almost cult like status with the brand carrying as much weight as the actual product. Thanks to their popularity, they sell new bikes seemingly as fast as they can make them, and you can’t get to that point if the product sucks.

Fortunately, just like the rest of the Santa Cruz models we’ve tried recently, the Bronson is an exceptional bike. Is it perfect? No. But things rarely are. However, the Bronson is an awesome bike for a surprising amount of trails from the East Coast to the West Coast, and the spots in between.

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Long Term Review: Four Seasons with the Santa Cruz Bronson

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